About us

The Gamer Men is a dynamic duo who have one thing in common, that being video games. Finding each other through The Old School Gamers (OSG) web site and becoming really good friends and found themselves talking complete “bollocks” with regards to video games and other worldly and mystifying things. Such as Kenny’s nose job to a project known as Batch’s Broom Cupboard.

The Gamer Men are as follows:

The Earthnerd

Has been a gamer since he was around the age of 4-5 starting with the Atari 2600 and moved up through the Spectrum ZX, all the SEGA and Nintendo consoles to the Sony and Microsoft consoles too. Now only owning a Xbox 360 (other than the SNES and Mega Drive) plays games on a regular basis.


The youngest of the Gamer Men “Firestorm” aka Kyle came into gaming with the Nintendo 64. Since then he has played on pretty much every platform has existed since and previous.
Previously a PlayStation fanboy but now a Xbox convertor.