Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

The Earthnerd View

Version Reviewed: Xbox 360

I’ve been a fan of Ghost Recon since GRAW. So when the announcement of Future Soldier came out I was curious as to what it was going to be like. 3 years down the line and it finally turns up. What took so long? Apparently they went back over and started again due to games like Gears of War and Call of Duty which you can see the impact these games had on Ghost Recon. Much like Ubisoft did with Splinter Cell: Conviction they kept the same gameplay style but sped up the way you play it. Which is one of the things I love about Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

The campaign while a little slow at times was very enjoyable. I liked the way you could stay crouched and sneak up on people while active camo is on and the very last mission was amazing.

One thing I will say about the multiplayer is while it can be enjoyable I have found that most of the time people play it more like Team Deathmatch rather than an Objective type of gameplay. There is rumoured how ever that the first part of DLC that is coming out for GR:FS is going to have the Team Deathmatch mode on.

One interesting part of the game is Gun Smith which is where you customise your guns. I have not used it with Kinect as of yet because I find that it works just as well with the controller.

Earthnerd Rating: 5/5

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