It’s finally here! My first attempt at a legitimate review so let’s see how it goes…

I popped Darksiders into my PS3 and expected something to the likes of Dante’s Inferno or God of War. I was pleasantly surprised though to receive something.. how can one say, much more fulfilling? Having still to play GOW3, please don’t judge, I am going to rate it on its own merits and not in comparison. And believe me, there are many merits from which to choose.

In the game you play the fabled character of War. One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. You get thrown right into the fray and also literally right into the end of the world, as far as biblical scripture is concerned at least. As the introductory movie ends you find yourself in a city enveloped by chaos. Devils and angels are fighting it out in an…

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  1. If there’s one point where I say Darksiders excelled, in comparison to GOW, I’ve never played Dantes Inferno though, its the puzzles. They are very well laid out, and challenging enough to confuse you a little if you lose focus. I do think its just a little long winded though.
    But I overall, I love it and agree with the rating.

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