Mario Kart 7 Review (Nintendo 3DS)


First-party Nintendo games have a certain reputation. Not only are they known for their quality, but they are a symbol of reassurance. Obviously, Nintendo hasn’t had a good history with third-party developers, and most Nintendo fans have come to rely on Nintendo’s biggest outings. In recent memory, Nintendo hasn’t disappointed. Super Mario 3D Land was a runaway success and The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword is arguably the greatest Zelda title. The third Nintendo game of the holidays was Mario Kart 7, and was meant to help the 3DS through the year’s craziest shopping season.

Most gamers know the financial success of the Nintendo 3DS, but one must not assume that popularity and sales equate to the quality of a product. Nintendo’s previous efforts with the franchise were somewhat disappointing. While the original DS’ Mario Kart was among the best in the series, the Wii’s instalment was far too childish and casual for most returning…

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