Sexism in Games

Pretty Puddles

Reading this article on Cracked had me thinking about why it’s so hard for some people to acknowledge when something may be fundamentally wrong or unequal about one of their favorite hobbies. I’m not really much of a comic book reader, but I am a pretty “well-played” gamer. Sexist portrayals of women in games always seemed like something so unflinchingly obvious to me, I couldn’t fathom how anyone could argue otherwise. Being a woman who that plays primarily adventure/action/shooter games means that most of what I play assumes that I’m male. Most of the avatars in the games that I play (and in games in general) are male. Games, even still, are made mostly by (straight) men for other straight men, although things are thankfully starting to change. But lots of people seem to have a favorite argument against others decrying female representations like this:

Ivy is kind of a…

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